Exploring Caves in the Middle East? Yes, Please.

Hoota Cave Experience Oman

Bhoomika Ghaghada Travel

The Hoota Cave Experience by Omran reopens to the public on September 5, 2016

 When: 9am-6pm, Saturday-Thursday, 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm on Fridays.

Aside from their obvious echo-ey, Cast Away appeal, caves represent two beautiful snapshots of history: the earliest human dwellings and the wonder of the natural phenomenon.

This Eid Al Adha, grab a few friends and climb into a frozen place in time with the newly renovated cave experience in Al Hoota.

The cavesystem is one of Oman’s true natural wonders, with 75,000 visitors a year before it closed for renovation. It’s much easier than it used to b in the Stonge Age: You can customize and create a bespoke experience online, selecting elements you want to make the most of your time.

Ride on Oman’s only electric train which runs from the visitor centre right into the cave, and discover the history of the caves at the geological museum, while you grab a bite to eat at the new restaurant.


The cave system stretches more than 4.5km, with only 500m publicly accessible. You can discover a lot of the systems’ history and features in the geological museum which showcases over 150 items of rock, wood, corals and other unique materials. Learn about the formation of the stunning visual phenomenon via four interactive stations.

You can book tickets through the new website on September 5, 2016.

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