Bored With Zumba? Take Up Pole-Dancing in Dubai

pole dancing in dubai

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First, there was yoga, followed by a sweeping Zumba wave at gyms around the world. Now, acroyoga and pole-dancing are paving a path to stay fit for those sick of traditional running tracks, treadmills and weight rooms.

Once associated with clubs, pole-dancing is moving into the mainstream as a form of exercise, applauded for enhancing tone and body balance.

Dubai-based model, TV presenter and fitness guru Rania Gamal lets us in on why taking up pole dancing to practice strength and stability is gaining popularity:


1. It’ll help you shed fat like other cardio options and build immense core strength

Move to fast-paced tracks and burn calories equal to or more than jogging or running. Combining artful dance and acrobatics, pole dancing uses resistance training and core strength for moves like spins, climbs and inversions.

2. It can make you feel like Shakira

In pole dancing, you’re never forced to do something that you can’t. Many dance studios in Dubai like Milan Pole Dance Studio offer classes for beginners and neophytes.

Because of this free-flowing fun environment where you have the space to explore your physical dance identity, you can build endurance, confidence and even charm.

3. It allows you to get to know your body intimately

Like any other intense sport, it can make you smarter about balance by developing your ‘kinesthetic awareness.’ This is the ability of your brain to figure out and calculate your relation to the objects that surround you.

Why not call up a friend and book a session today?

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