Dedicate a Playlist With the Guvera Social App

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Bhoomika GhaghadaMusic,,,

Want to throw a 90’s-themed dance party? Send a romantic Sinatra playlist to a scorned partner? Lay back with a friend and toast to some RnB?

Guvera, the online music streaming app that provides UAE users with legal and free access to millions of tracks, has launched a new avatar: Guvera 3.0. Making it personal, the Guvera Social features change the way you discover and recommend music.

You can share songs, albums and playlists directly with your followers or groups of followers. Brands and artists can now also engage with their followers by sharing their new playlists and tracks. 

It offers Music Channels based on the GCC’s most popular genres, themes or moods, such as pop, indie, charts and decades.

Channels are packed with playlists, stations and user recommendations as well as a whole new range of editorial content including interviews, news articles, reviews, photo galleries, brand competitions and products.

Here are some cool playlists available on the app:

For Travel – The Cruisin’ playlist:

For the Gym – The Work it Out playlist:

For a Girl’s Day out – The Friday Brunch playlist:

For the Party Season – The Houseparty!! Playlist:

For working days – The Back to Work Sunday playlist:

For a relaxing weekend – The Chillax hits playlist:

And more recently, a soulful Ramadan playlist to be enjoyed during Iftar time:

Guvera is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, tablets and smartphones, as well a desktop version via

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