Just Mo: Meet The Different Types of Men in UAE

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There’s Muhammad, Mohamed, Mahamid, Hamad, Ali, Fazal, Ahmed. Odds are you know at least one or two Mohameds.

After asking some people in the UAE what the Arab men in their lives are like, we got answers as varied as the spelling:

1. Mohammed, the family guy

He’s the eldest son – often the only one – and such, has had the great responsibility of following his father’s footsteps from the family business to Friday prayer. He dreams of his own beautiful wife and family of five, maybe six, kids.

He also loves cats, mansif and shiny cars.

2. Mo, the Man

You can always find him at the gym, but if you can’t, you can catch him on Instagram, flexing. This one walks around with his head caved into his neck, arms hovering at his sides. He doesn’t say much but when he walks, he has a distinctive thud to his step.

Like the guy before him, he loves his cars extra loud and glossy, and spaghetti extra meaty. Despite his thick exterior, he’s a total softie, and has taken in more than a few stray cats in his lifetime.

3. Hamad, the Food Vendor

Father of two, family back home in Pakistan, you know the deal. He may not offer the most exquisite fine dining experience, but he sure whips up some great chaat. He sends money back to Pakistan every month, only keeping a little for himself to get by.

Once a week, on his only day off, he puts on his Friday-best and makes his way to landmarks around the city to snap selfies nearby for his Facebook.

4. Mo, just Mo

Growing up Arab in the States, you learn a few things – one being that you will quickly lose interest in correcting people trying to say your name everyday, every year, forever. So Mohammed becomes Mo; arabee becomes Arabic; and ‘arab becomes “Ayrab.”

That’s all fine for Mo until that dreaded summer vacation back to the homeland with mom and dad has him feeling like a fish out of water.

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