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Day two saw the presentation by Bouguessa as part of the newly launched showcase #DubaiCollections – an initiative organised by the Dubai based PR Faux Counsultancy putting forward their full stable of designers. Supporting were Fashion Forward organising team in attendance. 

The event day flowed on par quite similarly to Fashion Forward in pace, schedule, and feel, but still maintained a Faux Consultancy identity.  In short #DubaiCollections was in itself an annex or ‘diffusion’ line to the highly anticipated Fashion Forward which will be held for the first time after seven seasons at the Madinat Jumeirah to the new epic, and much anticipated D3 locale.

Offset by Friday vibes and breathtaking views from the Burj Annex, amongst was a series of upscale pop up stalls of Faux brands.  This warehouse angular space has of late been hosting exciting fashion and design showcases and press conferences in the city.  It must be said that just being in this Burj Khalifa proximity venue gives attendees a heady if not dizzy giddy feeling to remind they are in the very heart of Dubai, and the pride that goes with that.

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It is relevant then, that with Bouguessa particularly, this brand’s mindset and style could be an authentic representation of today’s Dubai.  A ‘Flagship’, best-in-show modern, modest Arab fashion lifestyle.  Bouguessa’s promotional material informs:  “At the center of Bouguessa is an ethos of minimalist sophistication and feminine elegance for today’s women.  Through Faiza Bouguessa’s designs, merges the latest fashion trends with modest fashion.  It is inspired by art, architecture, and global culture, while her signature designs lie in highly modern silhouettes, bold lines, geometric precision, sharp edges, and great attention to detail.

At Friday 4 pm, the crowd in the know filled the space in every area to stand, knowing they were part of something special.  In presentation style they faced two small rectangular podiums with a small walkway between, and the show commenced.  Models were styled with hair pulled back in braided ponytail, made up with a sophisticated red lip, and all with a strappy black heel.  Models began to walk into the room commanding a stance of elegance from behind a gallery white wall.  As we began to see the subtle synchronised choreography, here arrive the colours of this season’s palette:

Deeper and darker jewel tones accompany the staple black;  sapphire blue satin, teal, dark forest/emerald green lush velvet, rich burgundy, cranberry matte silk, and stark white luxe crepe with a darker shade of piping.  Black pieces have points of differentiation with movement such as pleating, satin piping on the collars again against matte fabric.  Bouguessa’s background in precise tailoring is clear with perfect shirt dressing and a modified, lengthened black tuxedo jacket. Of this piece, Yves St Laurent would be impressed.

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We see the more autumnal version of the pieces from previous collections, amalgamations of two things such as:  the “Blazer Abaya”, “shirt dress”, and jumpsuit.  This season we don’t see the winter version of the “Safari Abaya’ as that is made from linen for the hotter months.  We do however see a signature,  memorable repeating detail:  a cutout feature on quite a few of the pieces that starts as like a choker of fabric wrapping the neck, then breaks into the shape of a crescent moon at the collarbone to show a small amount of skin.  The pieces are very modern and futurist almost as if you would find them as part of the wardrobe from a utopia world such as a sleek Divergent film Faction.  They are magnetic and compelling.  Yes they are modest, but modern first, you can see is the mindset.


The blonde designer came out to greet the crowd in her own look.  In black abaya and her choice of footwear in contrast, was a fresh pair of white leather Nike Cortez with red detail and blue swoosh, reminiscent of the iconic shoe that Farrah Fawcett used to wear in the 1970’s as a poster girl, indicating that the French Algerian born Faiza Bouguessa really is star and a good sport on the go, ready to meet any challenge.

Bouguessa’s industry game is strong having shown in in Milan and Paris markets.  She has gained tutoring from Roland Mouret, a writeup in The Blonde Salad, and repeated support from Vogue Italia.  She has had notable personalities wearing hers such as megablogger Garance Dore in an oversized cotton shirt, and rumour has it, pop starlet Beyonce having gotten Bouguessa on their radar.  Be sure to get it on yours.  Stockist in Dubai: By Symphony in Dubai Mall.

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