5 Critical Things We Overlook About Homemakers


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Homemakers are the amongst the most underrated, overlooked people on the planet. Despite their selfless contribution to our lives, we often forget to appreciate their presence and effort.

Although the reasons may seem obvious, here’s exactly why the world needs to be eternally grateful for homemakers:

1. For being versatile

A chef, a counselor, a cleaner, a gardener, a babysitter.

Food magically appears, clothes clean themselves, and messes disappear in a matter of hours. These are the little details you take for granted.

A recent psychological study aimed towards understanding the traits and behaviors of homemakers notes that being a ‘stay-at-home spouse requires a wide variety of skills such as perseverance, empathy, attentiveness and even managerial abilities.’

After all, managing a home is nothing less than managing a project or venture.


Priya, an undergraduate student says;

I just moved out for university and I’ve begun to realize how incredibly hard it is to get household chores done, hats off to my mom and all the other homemakers out there. Thank you for making life simple.

2. For not being paid [or adequately appreciated] for a 24-hour job

We asked homemaker what the most challenging part about being a homemaker was. Here’s what they said:

I wouldn’t say anything is hard as such. But it’s just as normal as being employed in a 9-5 job. ‘The most challenging’ part would be dealing with people who state that homemakers don’t do anything, they are just at home. I think it’s great that working women are extremely appreciated, but I think women who are homemakers also contribute equally, if not more within a household.

– Warda Aslam, UAE National, 33 (Homemaker)


The family. (Laughs) I know it’s sounds funny but sometimes the people you’re doing all of these things for become the most difficult thing about being a homemaker. I have these ridiculous arguments with my son, every time I ask him to do small tasks like keeping the dishes in the sink, he starts arguing and yelling, he tells me ‘I’m tired. I’ve just got back home from school; I’ve been busy the whole day.’When I tell him so have I, he says ‘What nonsense, all you do is sit at home. There’s nothing great about doing household chores, everyone does them.’ He doesn’t realize once he’s done with school his work for the day ends. I, on the other hand, work the entire day.

– Jamila Chaudhary, 42, Pakistani National (Homemaker)

3. For putting their needs second & being flexible

Most of us tend to ignore the sacrifices that homemakers make to increase the comfort in our lives. Some have quit their jobs to raise the family. Committing to major changes within your life requires a great deal of patience; a virtue that most homemakers develop.


Being a homemaker is often an implied tag associated to women, however, there’s an awe-inspiring growing trend these days with men turning into house-husbands for their family:

My husband quit his job back in India and decided to move to Dubai with me, only for the betterment of my career. Till today, I admire him for everything he’s done. Right from the smallest things such as helping me pack lunch in the morning to leaving his family and his comfort zone for the sake of my job. I don’t know what I would do without him.

– Amita Tiwari, 29 Indian National (Accountant)

We spoke to this fine gentleman, Rohit Tiwari, and he gave us a glimpse into his day and life:

It’s as normal as yours. Initially, a lot of people told me I was crazy, some thought I was unemployed and  waiting for a better job to come along. That wasn’t the case. I had decided I wanted to be at home, and look after my family. You can’t imagine the amount of effort involved in becoming a home-maker. Your whole day is filled with tasks – tasks that most people underestimate or take for granted. But if you really think of it, a homemaker’s day is as busy as anyone with a job.

– Rohit Tiwari, 34 (Amita’s Husband)

4. For being emotionally resilient 


We are thankful to homemakers for simply existing, for choosing to do what they do and for adding an immense amount of value to our lives. For them to counsel you with your work/study trouble, they need to remain in a positive state of mind, despite their own challenges.

Many of us, in work environments, criticize our bosses for not acknowledging our hard work and begin overly critical – Welcome to the life of an average homemaker.

We asked homemakers if they had to ask for one thing that all homemakers should receive, what would it be, and here are their responses:

Can I be selfish and ask for a little more love? (Laughs) There really isn’t much for me to ask for, as a housewife all I would want is to be slightly appreciated by my family.

– Rami Saleh, 45 Irani National (Homemaker)

An analysis produced by the psychology department at the University of Columbia states that most homemakers suffer a personal complex of being undervalued within their homes. This subsequently leads to them having lower levels of confidence, and may even trigger depression amongst some individuals.

5. For continuing to do what they do, despite being underrated/under-valued


Another expert observation made in the Guardian states that it’s only natural for housewives these days to feel insecure about themselves as they tend to compare their lives to working-women and eventually feel less for not serving at a ‘professional’ level.

Personally, I believe a homemaker constitutes all the characteristics of anyone employed in a professional field, and their work too involves the same degree of effort.

Arub, an undergraduate student at BITS Pilani Dubai states,

I think it’s more than just giving your mom a card on Mother’s Day. I absolutely adore my mother, not just for the obvious reasons, but for the brilliant individual she is. Yes, she’s a homemaker, but if you ask me, she’s one of the best homemakers in the world. There’s nothing cliché about it – I really do hope to be like her someday.

I think it’s our duty to offer gratitude to those individuals who have played such a significant role in our lives.

So, drop whatever you’re doing, call them and say ‘thank you’, and the next time you find yourself quipping at them, resist and love instead.