Nooks & Corners: Crab Tavern Dubai Review


Ghazal Rezvani Food ,,,,,,

Where: Crab Tavern Dubai, Media One Hotel, Dubai

How much:  AED 300 for two people (approx.)

Cuisine: American, Seafood

Recommended:  Crab Doughnuts with Kopparberg Mixed Berries cider

Food & Drinks:

For us, the top 3 selections of ciders are below, mentioned in order of our most to least favourite:

  • Kopparberg Mixed berries Cider – consisting of raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and black currant, this cider has a strong sweet scent of mixed berries. The flavor is extremely sweet, with the taste of the black currant overpowering the rest. A favorite for sweet tooth’s!
  • Bulmer’s Apple Cider – Less sweet than the former, this cider is of clear golden color, and has a tangy sweet and sour flavor. The taste resembles a slightly sweet version of white wine, light apple and lemony aroma, with a mildly bitter aftertaste.
  • Strong Bow Apple Cider – refreshing, crisp and sweet, the flavor of this cider resembled a mix of sweet apple with honey. However, the taste was balanced – not too taste, nor bitter. The flavor was not as strong as the former two, and hence not as attractive.

The ciders are paired with delectable finger food and canapés. Crab Donuts, Crabby Beef Sliders and JD Shrimps were the star(s) of the night [pictured above].

The Crab Donuts were as unique as they sound; fluffy, soft and perfectly round donuts, dipped and glazed with fine sugar, and topped with a white crab sauce. Freshly baked and right out of the oven, the creamy crab sauce perfectly complements the sweet glazed doughnut. A must try if you’re visiting Crab Tavern.

Yet again, the texture and freshness of the bun amazed us – easily the softest slider bun. To add to that, the mini buns were lathered with butter, making it melt in the mouth. The beef patty inside was thick, juicy and full of flavor, topped with melted cheddar cheese. A simple yet delicious snack.

Ambience and Service:

Bringing the classic American surf and turf concept to the UAE, the restaurant overlooks the city lights with stunning views of the Palm Jumeirah through its large windows.

The lighting is dim, giving it a casual and relaxing pub-like atmosphere. That means you can messily dig into your crab [shamelessly], without worrying too much about who is looking.

The venue is massive, with the restaurant divided into two – high stools area for snacks and beer, and a more comfortable sofa seating area if you want to relax and have some lip smacking seafood.


Whether you’re a fan of seafood or not, Crab Tavern is a must visit and will surely impress your taste buds. The Crab Doughnut alone makes the whole trip worthwhile!

If you’re interested, take note:

  • The Crab and Craft fayre runs from 13th January until 13th
  • There’s special offers on beer and seafood packages every day, so head over to for more details.

Have you been to the Crab Tavern? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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