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In Conversation with Waris Ahluwalia


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Waris Ahluwalia is one of the most interesting people you will meet – beginning from the things he does. Whether it’s jewellery designing, fashion designing, or acting and producing, everything he does makes news.

On meeting this unassuming gentleman you wouldn’t expect this, but after a two minute chat, you will quickly realize that he is sharper than the diamonds he designs.

Born in Amritsar in Punjab (India), but raised New York City since the (nearly) innocent age of five, Waris, has made waves across the world. Whether it was being GAP’s first Sikh model or being one of Oscar-nominated director Wes Anderson’s go-to actors, Waris Ahluwalia looks at ease and as if he hasn’t done anything at all. He also founded the extremely successful House Of Waris, design house.

In our chat below, he talks about his relationship with Wes Anderson, auditioning for roles and shares some advice about breaking into Western cinema:

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