3 Questions With Korean Band Teen Top


Dhruti Ghaghada Music ,,,

B-Change had a chance to interview Korean band, Teen Top, who performed at The Meydan Hotel. The boys had time for 3 questions. Check out Dhruti’s interview with Teen Top. Welcome to Dubai guys! What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen here?

Niel (Translated by Joice): The first thing we want to see in Dubai is, of course, the Arab fans because that’s the reason we are here. Second thing, we are very interested and fascinated by the buildings in Dubai because it looks very dynamic and everything is different so our eyes were attracted to the buildings in Dubai.

Alright that’s great. How would you describe your journey from your debut in 2010 in the Korean pop world?

Niel (Translated by Joice): It’s a hard question to answer in just one sentence but we say that we’ve made our own way as K-Pop starts in the world and in Korea but we are looking forward to having our own concept as we have done before. So we want to go on our way and make sure we have a good position in K-Pop.

Who is your favorite K-Pop star?

Niel (Translated by Joice): Shinhwa. There is a very famous K-Pop star, we call them Shinhwa, and they’re kind of legendary. We consider ourselves juniors of this group, which came out very early. So we are juniors who admire and respect them very much, we want to follow their steps.

Translations by Joice Shim