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Bridge Incident is a four-piece alt synth-rock band boasting a polished, professional sound that sparkles with intensity and creativity. The band, formed in 2014, consists of four friends who decided to get together and write music with bite and resonance.

Forming a globally diverse quartet – with band members hailing from the UK, New Zealand, Ukraine and Colombia –  Bridge Incident accredit their global sound to the unique style and influences of its members with the likes of Tim Hassall injecting his eclectic musical taste to inspire a unique pop/rock with soul musical style.

1. What does it take to start a band in the UAE?

  1. When starting a band is to find committed musicians. You need to find musicians who are in it for the long run. Everyone has their commitments outside of the band e.g. family, solo projects etc…, but you need to have people who live the life of a “musician” not someone who has a day job in “banking” for example.
  2. Be a good musician. I’m not saying you have to be a hyper talented player, but you have to know your instrument. You have to put the time into practising and learning the songs your writing or covering.
  3. Finally, be a good person. There’s nothing worse then a member of the band with an ego. Leave your ego at the door. Have fun, joke around and make fun of each other. Saying that you also have to meet the dead lines when learning songs, because there’s pressure that everyone feels, so don’t be “that guy” who makes it horrible for everyone.

2. How do you go about practicing and getting gigs?

Sometimes all it takes is one great gig and you’ll have people come to you and ask you to play at their gig. With Bridge incident, we’ve had that happen quite a few times, which is an awesome feeling. So yeah, sometimes all it takes is that one gig to spark other gigs.

3. How did the name happen? What’s the story there?

The name of the band went through some serious thought for months. We had a few names written down which we all sat on for a while to see if it stuck and Bridge Incident was the one. We wanted something that was original, sounded great, is evocative and sticks in your head – something in line with Coldplay and Radiohead.

4. What do you think about the growing EDM industry? What effect does it have on your audience?

Well personally, I don’t listen to EDM. I do listen to electronic music, but it’s more on the Hip Hop/Glitch/Trip Hop scene. I wouldn’t say that the EDM scene is “growing” so to say, but more like it’s already an adult in the music scene.

If anything, I think the EDM scene is plateauing right now, with nothing exciting coming out right now, but there is a huge underground scene boiling which is very exciting.

5. Is rock going through a crisis at the moment?

No, not at all. Rock music in the industry is probably the only constant in the Music industry, like hip-hop and electronic music. Rock hasn’t been the main stream for a while, but it will be back and with a vengeance.

Like the underground scene in EDM, there’s one in Rock, which is happening around the world. Rock music plays on that aggressive side that everyone has in them. It allows people to go nuts at gigs, let their hair down and not care about what people think of them. It’s the feeling that listening and watching Rock music gives you, which will make it last forever.

Bridge Incident – Every OnceBridge Incident performing Every Once (live). Watch them live in Abu Dhabi tonight on the Corniche – 7.30pm – as part of F1 Yassallam celebrations, Beats On The Beach.

Posted by Bridge Incident on Thursday, 26 November 2015

6. What sets you apart from the other bands out there? What’s your mojo?

All of our different musical backgrounds sets us apart. Each member has a certain style in playing as well as performing. Myself, I come from a more punk/experimental background. Tim is…well Tim is all over the place with his musical style which is what makes him unique haha.

Stan is classically trained, but loves Rock, and it’s that drive out of Classical music which in my view, makes him stand out as a player, and finally Francy. Well, what can one say about her? She animal from the Muppets! I know a lot of people will say that about their drummer, but with her hair and personality she is Animal reborn! haha

7. Who are your biggest influences?

My influences are quite varied. I love punk/ska so in that genre, I have to say my favourite bands are Mad Caddies, Authority Zero, Strung Out and Bad Religion. On my experimental side, it’s Muse, Dredg and Mute Math. They all have that poetic aggression which I love to hear in music.

You can tell that they are hard working musicians who have spent years on their craft. As for the other guys in the band, I don’t want to say in case I get something wrong, which happens a lot to me haha.

8. Following the Beats on the beach gig, what’s the step forward from there?

Play more gigs of the same value. We’re trying to be the best we can in music and that comes with playing as many gigs as possible. We have a few gigs lined up, like Party at the Park, which we will be sharing the stage with some amazing acts, which we’re looking forward to playing at.

We’re also writing our own material, which we want to get into the studio and get them recorded, which is a personally favourite part for me.

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