Two Retro Glam Trends That Splash Fashions Brought In For A/W 2015


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Imagine a chic club brimming with the affluent and the well-travelled. It’s a space that brings a section of people who connect through their mutual love for fashion, travel and music. Splash created that atmosphere for its guests this season to showcase the AW’15 collection that was an amalgamation of classic trends with an updated look.

The cafe was a glamorous one which saw the Bespoke Military and Retro Futuristic trends coming together to create the ultimate look for a jet setting individual. Effortless pieces, structured look and the retro chic silhouettes were dominant on the runway that was seen across the fashion weeks in the past days.

Raza Beig, CEO Splash Fashions & ICONIC added, “Harnessing the power of simplicity, classic and utilitarian in fashion, this season we have embraced two classic trends namely Military and Retro with a modern spin. The collection defines a well read, travelled person who was part of the very niche cult called Café Society. The show is a way of showing our supporters and consumers the creativity that the brand imbibes, not just in our collection but in the way we conceptualize a theme that breaks boundaries and presents fashion like never before.”

The two dominant trends featured at the Splash Fashions AW’15 fashion Show were:


Bespoke Military

The collection has a strong military influence inspired by the colors with classic silhouettes and attention to detailing. Simplicity and clean lines is the highlight also suggesting a sporty influence.

        • Structured tailoring for men and women along with soft tailored pieces for women



    • Minimalistic in approach featuring updated camouflage print



    • Utilitarian clothing is the common thread running across the collections for men and women



    • Colors range from aviation inspired blues, military olives ,green and black 4343 3434 gf84




Retro Futuristic

With an undertone of futurism, this retro inspired collection from the 50’, 60’s and 70’s showcases sub-trends that are reigning this season.

      • Features varied print on print options, playing around with florals on animal print, tweeds mixed with tartan



    • There is a strong influence of pastels



    • This trend will see colors like tan brown, beige, blue, rusty orange & marsala



    • Clean silhouettes with the use of classic fabrics treated differently with futuristic ,advanced techniques fdfij 32337434



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Posted by B-Change on Sunday, 4 October 2015