Survival Guide: 5 Ways To Cope With Homesickness


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Whether you’re a freshmen or a senior at university, the initial gut-wrenching homesickness one experiences is almost always the same! Since we’re all in the same boat, I thought maybe ‘Hira’s’ 5 ways to cope with homesickness’ might help:

1. Unpack your suitcase immediately


If you still have your summer switch on, and your suitcase is bulging with belongings, it’s time to unload. Settling in your own space and seeing your belongings around you will help you feel more at ‘home’.

Not just tangible things you bring back from home to university; don’t forget to brings along the values your parents have embedded in you as a person.

Newly found independence at university tends to give us a certain adrenaline rush, the ‘if not now, then never’ is a common mantra amongst the youth.

2. Be low-key on TV emotions


If you’re a Full House fan and frequently watch re-runs, that’s got to stop [you’ll only miss your family more]. Danny’s love, Uncle Jesse’s affectionate advice, Joey’s heart-felt home cooking for the family and the Tanner Girls’ sisterly fights will hit you right in the feels. Switch to Friends – it’ll be a lot more relatable to your current situation!

For those of you who are TV-show buffs, why not become acquainted with your university culture?

There are many clubs and activities which you can become a part of, and who knows? Maybe a new interest might be out there just waiting to be unveiled! It’s always a good idea to step out of your dorm room’s comfort and become familiar with the surroundings, which will eventually become a second home.

3. Keep yourself busy


Families always keep you busy, and if not, you’d eventually get busy making family plans, so while you’re away, there’s a certain emptiness that needs to be filled.

Do the things you can’t do with your family around; catch up on a new novel, go to that new hip restaurant with your friends where you’d never go with your family, or find an activity which lets you learn how to have fun by yourself.

Skype and Whatsapp are a blessing when homesickness kicks in, but spending all your time on it will cause you to miss out on making your own new memories.

It is understandable that you would want to keep updated on your family’s daily happenings back home, though try to let go a little. Focusing all your energy there will only make you feel extremely homesick, and also detach you from your present surroundings,  leading to loneliness.

4. Meet new people


It’s time to shoo the shyness away and be open to differences; get to know those around you better. It’s always a fresh breeze to strike up a conversation with somebody outside your existing social circle. You get to learn about another person’s perspectives and ideologies, different from your own.

Friends can become family quite soon and intimate conversations are key!

5. Embrace these years at University


Sure, it’s a bummer to be away from family, eating meals alone every now and then, missing out of parts of their lives while you’re away, but it’s okay. You can always make up for lost time with family when you visit them during breaks. Then there’s always Skype and Whatsap to stay updated and keep them updated about all what’s going on.

However, it’s your time to reign over your life and shine your brightest; if not physically, your family will be by your side cheering you on.

We hope these helped. What do you do to get over feeling homesick? Tell us in the comments below.