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Five Must-Buy Titles From Demos At GAMES 15!

Five Must-Buy titles From Demos At GAMES 15!

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It was a roaring 3-day event. At GAMES 15, the B-change team got their hands on upcoming games along with the latest in technology, like the Oculus rift, which brings the games to life with its brilliant 3D display. Most of the games at the venue were demos and doing an in-depth review at this stage would be premature, so here are the early verdicts of the must-buy titles:

1.  Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

2.  Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

3.  Just Cause 3

4. FIFA 16

5, Tom Clancy Six Seige

Call of Duty: BLACK OPS 3

The Call of Duty franchise has been the long-standing champion at FPS games for more than I care to remember and a few titles have been quite disappointing, but like its predecessors, Black Ops 3 once again proved why COD is so dominant.

The multiplayer enables players to run on walls, revive yourself and turn your hand into a mini-gun but that’s just the tip of the ice berg when it comes the new gameplay features. The specialist feature in the game would take a bit of practice to perfect but after a few rounds, it takes the experience to another level. The graphics have moved on from the gray-scale theme to a more vibrant and dynamic color scheme, which makes the game much more visually engaging.

Verdict: The multiplayer is simply fun to play with, and honestly? That’s all that matters.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

After AC: Unity turned out to be a sloppy version to say the least, Syndicate had to pick up the slack and avoid the mistakes of Unity, which to some extent, they have. The AC fanboys might still have hope as this game brings the assassinations back to life through the killer female protagonist Evie who is the twin to Jacob Frye.

As we all know, AC series is known for its campaign mode and not so much for the multiplayer mode, so we weren’t surprised to find that the demo presented to us was a small bit from the story line. The graphics and layout of the game are pretty similar to Unity, but the game is based in London during the Industrial Revolution of 1860’s, unlike Unity, which was in Paris and about a 100 years earlier. The gameplay, on the other hand, was classic assassin stuff which seemed to bring back good ‘ol memories of the original AC.

Verdict: The game overall seems to be doing everything right.

Just Cause 3

Just Cause is one of the most underrated franchises on the market. Just Cause, once again, proves that if you give one person enough gadgets, money and time, he can turn anything to ash (including a 1000sq feet island). The game is pure madness through the 3rd person view of Rico Rodriguez. In this edition to the Just Cause series, the makers have taken inspiration from user mods of their last game and put in a lot of new features.

The way the campaign levels are structured in Just Cause 3 gives players more freedom than ever before. It allows you to attack whichever way you want. That’s supported by the fact you can customize your kit before every mission, calling in a rebel drop whenever and wherever you want. This makes for a much more personal style of gameplay, but still with the classic, explosive style that we’ve all grown to love in Just Cause.

You can grapple vehicles together and launch into a wing suit glide as they explode beneath you, taking out a few enemies with your dual-wielded SMGs.

Verdict: Our final verdict of this game is basically, “YES”.


Now, I don’t think any list is complete without EA sport’s biggest franchise’s name slapped all over it (not even my grocery list). Now, there’s always the hard truth about FIFA and that is that the game is so ridiculously famous that EA seems to be doing as little as possible to improve the game, but let me tell you why this game seems better than FIFA 15.

After playing about 20 matches back to back, I realized that this game has taken away the power of the really over powered skillers and long ball players. This game cannot be won by playing a single form of attack. Also, the goal keepers have been given super powers which makes scoring much harder. FIFA also finally realized that the game isn’t all about 22 men chasing the ball for 90+ minutes, it’s about 22 women doing the same.

EA realized that and has now given a bit more exposure to women’s football which means we have more teams to play with. The gameplay has become slower on the next gen consoles but as it’s just the demo, I think we can expect a better gameplay on the full game. The graphics have, without a doubt, improved.

Verdict: FIFA is always a good investment to make, especially if you have a lot of friends who like to come over or even if you’re a football fan with the FUT craze.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six Seige

‘A mind-blowing game’ is how I would describe this game in a sentence. This game has everything; I mean everything. Destructible environment? Check. Really amazing guns with sledge hammers? Check.

The multiplayer op is otherworldly. The health bar on this game is small and attacks can come from any direction, as almost everything is destructible. The game also has a vertical component, which allows you to attack your opponent with more options. The whole game is very close quarters and very fast. There’s absolutely no room for making mistakes.

Verdict: The only reason this game might be at the bottom is because the graphics of this game do not seem to be anything extraordinary and could use a lot of work.


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