How To Maintain A Long Distance Friendship

How To Maintain A Long Distance Friendship

Dhruti Ghaghada Relationships ,,

After my best friend moved away three years ago, I spent a fair share of my time isolated in my room, listening to James Blunt and whining to everyone around me about how unfair it all was. What I didn’t realise then was that goodbyes aren’t necessarily a bad thing- as cliche as this all may sound. I soon found that with just a little bit of an effort from both our parts, it’s like she never left.

Now that it’s ‘moving away for college’ season, I’ve yet to face a lot more goodbyes and I’m not particularly upset about it because I know that whether its 3 times zones away or 12, my friends and I will always find a way to keep up with each other [probably because we’re the only people that can stand each other].

Without further ado, here’s how to maintain a long distance friendship:

Google+ Hangouts > Skype


Break free from all the “can you hear me now?” and “wait what were you saying, your voice broke off” and download Google+ Hangouts now. The quality of video chat is infinitely better and  you can play games online and it’ll feel like they’re in the same room. [Sorry Skype, no hard feelings?]

A little sacrifice goes a long way 


If your friend has moved several time zones away, making time to get each other caught up with your lives would require a little sacrifice on your snooze time. Just an hour or two past your usual bedtime every now and then will be worth it in the long run.

“Who the hell is that?”


Yes, your friend is going to make several new friends. No, that does not mean that you’re being replaced. So before you think about writing threatening letters to these new friends saying “I’m watching you”, control that green demon of jealousy.

Thank you, WhatsApp voice notes.


Since your evening is going to be their morning, why not leave each other voice notes about what’s going on or about how your day was? If there’s one brilliant thing about social media is that no matter where you are, you can always find a way to yell at someone a thousand miles away from you.

If you make it a priority, getting back in touch is easy


If you’ve ever felt nostalgic and alone, thinking of how many friends you lost touch with, you’re familiar with the though process of ‘We’ve changed too much’, ‘She probably doesn’t want to speak to me’, ‘Why hasn’t she called?’ Put your ego aside, and give it a shot. Send her a long rambling voice note where you reveal your most intimate events of the month and they’ll find it hard not to respond.

Nice try, distance; but something as silly as a little space and a few time zones is not going to keep my friends from me.