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Should You Watch It? | The Vacation Review


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Audacious, offensive, but entertaining for its shock value.

If you’re heading out to the cinemas this week and this is one of the contenders, read the vacation review:



An American comedy about a nostalgic father of two, Rusty Griswold [Ed Helms], who decides to shake things up and do a cross-country trip with the family to Walley World. The journey brings forth his alienated relationship with his wife [Chirtina Applegate], trouble among the two kids, and many bizarre events along the way.

R-Rated, Disgusting Hilarity

Relative to the 1983 original, it lacks charm, but still garners laughs out of the audience with its foolhardy, and sometimes disgusting, antics. There are scenes that will make you cringe and burst into laughter, some that will have you yelp in shock, but very few that will be emotionally touching.

Feces, pubic hair, vomiting; the plot line is wrapped around this strange string of events, predictable yet amusing at times. If you’re looking for a good laugh, little sense, and aren’t easily offended, this is a good weekend film to head out for.


While Ed Helms and Christina share a great chemistry on-screen, Applegate’s comic timing falls short at times. Hats off to Skyler Grisondo, who does a brilliant job playing the nerdy and awkward James Griswold.

All in all

A not-so-family film about an American family, the Vacation frames and cinematically exaggerates the tangled knots and ties of every family vacation there has ever been; People not getting along, trying to, meaning well and doing the opposite [with, of course, a lot of strange, unreal incidents along the way].

Watch this for: a good laugh.

B-Change Rating: 6.7/10