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F-ant-tastic | Ant-Man Review | Should You Watch It?

F-ant-tastic | Ant-Man Review | Should You Watch It?

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The movie is called Ant-Man and you may think to yourself “oh, can they get any more obvious about what this is movie is about?” Well, I would like to quickly break the ice on this Ant-Man review and tell you that this movie is worth a watch. It’s a small wonder (yes, get used to the word-play).

Cinematography FTW!

Russell Carpenter and his entire camera team must be credited with one of the biggest strengths of the movie. The visuals. Whether it is Ant-Man riding his friend Anthony (a flying ant, big surprise) or Ant-Man coming to terms with his tiny stature, the micro and macro shots are simply astounding. The transition between the ant world and human world is excellent. Personally, I was always waiting for the next-time Scott Lang (Ant-Man) (played by Paul Rudd) would transform into his ant avatar. All the scenes give you a mad adrenaline rush. It’s like one big roller-coaster ride which you just don’t want to get off. A special mention has to be made about the cinematography, editing, VFX..heck, even the concept of the subatomic scene where *SPOILER* Scott Lang is transported to the subatomic particle world. That sequence was dope.

F-ant-tastic | Ant-Man Review | Should You Watch It?

Why Ant-Man Is The Mightiest Avenger?!

Yes, I said it. But I don’t mean it in terms of strength or size (lol), but in terms of the movie and the concept. Marvel should quickly realise (if they haven’t already), with the number of comic book adaptations coming up over the next two years, each of theses heroes/ protagonists will have to be really be differentiated. Else, the audience is going to be bored. It will be the same thing but with a guy in a different suit. I believe, each movie and all its production elements should be based around the character and tone of the superhero they feature. Ant-Man does this surprisingly well, where the editing style and direction are adapted to Scott Lang’s personality and Ant-Man’s character traits.

Go for this movie and you will get the feeling that this is where Avengers 2 failed to satisfy the audience. Ant-Man is all about Ant-Man but in the best way possible. One aspect where this movie is let down is where you don’t get to see Ant-Man coming to terms with his powers. Well, it’s there for the record, but is rushed. Now talking about the Avengers, Ant-Man features Falcon (an Avenger reprised by Anthony Mackie) in a scene where Scott Lang breaks into the Avengers HQ. Quite funny with some great filming. You will enjoy it.[box type=”info”]Did you know: Ant-Man was the founding member of the Avengers![/box]


I’m going to get moving with this and say that the casting was perfect with great supporting roles by Michael Pena, T.I., David Dastmalchian and the rest of the cast. Come to think of it, I need to give special props to the director (Peyton Reed) and the ensemble involved in enacting Michael Pena’s hilarious monologues (you will know when you see the movie). I didn’t see a single weak moment that I can recall. Michael Douglas edged out a great character for his role Hank Pym. Evangeline Lily did make an impression but, in my opinion, lacked oomph.

F-ant-tastic | Ant-Man Review | Should You Watch It?

All in all:

Whether you go for Paul Rudd’s simplistic dry humour acting or the Scott Pilgrim type production style and screenplay, Ant-Man is worth a watch and more. Get the large size of popcorn cause this movie deserves it.

Rating: 8.2/10

Plot (without spoilers)

Why use words when MARVEL has put in so much effort to make a trailer, check it out: