A Woman’s Unrequited Love: Can You Relate?


Namrah Amaan Relationships ,

We all have that one person we think of at the first sign of sadness and happiness,equally. Someone who’s not only our best friend, but also our partner in crime. I know someone who has the power to make my day within an instant ; he’s someone who I’ve fallen in love with, someone who I can be completely ludicrous with. He’s someone who can throw casual innuendos at me and still have the ability to make me smile when there’s a tinge of sadness is detected. He dislikes emotional expression but that’s exactly why I’m writing this. He’s made my life unequivocally beautiful merely by being in it. And he’s one of those very few people who I would, without a sliver of a doubt, do so much for.

I can imagine spending the rest of my life with him because I can foresee myself being joyous at every step. To my dismay however, he’s going to be thousands of miles away from me a few months from now and it breaks my heart to even think about the day he’s going to set off. I’m indubitably going to be forlornly seated in some restaurant nestled against some window thinking about all those times we’ve spent together because being melodramatic is somewhat my forte. Nevertheless, I know that he’s going to be successful wherever he goes because regardless of how much he digresses,he gets the grades. He’s been bestowed with the Choicest of blessings but I wish he didn’t have to leave. He’s become my other half in a short period of time and I have absolutely no reason to move past everything because he’s given me none.

So, I’ll end this by saying, together or miles apart, I pray you achieve every single goal you’ve set your mind for and I want you to know you’ve got my prayers, under any given circumstance. I loved you when you were infuriated because someone swerved past you, I loved you when you told me you wanted to float on the clouds. From all your eccentric fantasies to all those intricate dreams you had ; From the weird formulation of your words when you’re sleepy to the annoyance you’d portray upon hearing me refuse when asked to eat. I loved you and I always will. So I pray, with all my heart, putting forth every given variable, be it distance or time, it’s you and me in the end. Keep our memories alive and don’t let them evanesce – so we can rekindle the fire if destiny dictates; and that’s all I ask of you.

Lots of love, Namrah