Pop On Over To The Exclusive Capital Club For A Fancy Meal [Limited Time Offer]

capital club

Bhoomika Ghaghada Food

Capital Club and Baker &Spice open their doors to the community till March 12.

This quaint club tucked in a corner of Gate Village 3 in DIFC, would go wholly unnoticed if you weren’t looking for it – but that’s precisely the idea. The Capital Club is a highly exclusive members-only space, with delectable buffets, an a la carte menu with international flavors, a serene selection of wines and [frankly speaking] divine breads.

The good news?


This week, the Capital Club has paired up with Baker& Spice to open their doors to the community! So,  pop on over to get a taste of elite service and delicious food, all to the sound of clinking glasses, tinkling laughter and gentle Piano music.

What’s different about the food?


Baker &Spice make sure that everything ornately set on your plate [including the chicken and vegetables] comes from local U.A.E markets. This means you’re not just having a meal, you’re having a meal cooked from ingredients that have just been plucked out. Slurp.

Ambience & Service

You may call it a mellow Great Gatsby vibe, but mix that with a bit of business and you’ve got Capital Club. The service is attentive, accommodating and friendly [a rarity anywhere in the world today].

So, if you fancy any/all of the above, pop on over to the Pop-Up that is on till tomorrow- Thursday March 12.