Who’s coming to Dubai Lynx 2015?

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Bhoomika Ghaghada Career ,,,,

David Carson, David Shing, Abla Fahida and Sandrine de Raspide to share their stories, innovative new trends and techniques

With ideas dangling from the ceiling, sprouting from the ground and crawling into the minds of creators, Dubai Lynx every year is a carousel of innovation. This 4-Day Festival, from the 8th to the 11th of March, applauds the best of year’s work, showcases the best of the advertising industry, and acts as a meeting point for artists and content creators to begin a conversation about the latest trends, the year’s most genius productions, and of course, new and never-heard-of story-telling techniques.
Then there are the delectable talks, leaving you with a creative longing and a motivational spark that lasts the better half of the year. So, who’s in line to delight us with their ideas for Dubai Lynx 2015?

World renowned graphic designer David Carson will bring his unique perspective of creativity through design and typography. His history of experimentation in the magazine industry has led many to regard his vision pivotal in changing the expectations of creative design. Commenting on creativity he said, “To interpret and present work that speaks visually and emotionally is imperative in today’s saturated market so the actual role of the designer has become more important than ever. I believe that consumers are once again starting to react to more emotional, personal, experimental and unique work. The companies who can’t adjust are in for a rough ride!”

AOL’s Digital Forecaster David Shing, will look to the future of digital, social and mobile in an attempt to identify future trends and the direction of current technology and innovations. “Throughout my career much of the creative inspiration was influenced by physical objects and passive platforms of delivering ideas. Fast-forward to now with the advancement of technology we are at the intersection where creativity is fueling culture and code. A culture where creativity drives superior ideation and production, fused with better code to amplify and deliver these ideas.”

Abla Fahita, the infamous Egyptian character, rose to fame through her controversial sense of humour and the rumours that followed. Her use of social media is testament to her success including appearances on international TV shows and a hit single, which has received international renown. Her unique view on the world is always unexpected and imaginative

“I believe obstacles can be turned into ladders, very useful when the elevators are down”, she said ‘during a recent power cut’.

Sandrine de Raspide, Senior Vice President, Sanrio Global Ltd. brings Sanrio’s global vision for Mr Men & Little Miss to Dubai Lynx. Speaking on her involvement with the Festival she said, “We opened our offices in Dubai a couple of years ago and have since been very keen not only to localize our program with new and existing partners, but also to expand into new promotional avenues similar to what we’re currently doing in the UK and Japan. Dubai Lynx offers a great platform to exchange ideas with talented individuals and companies.”

Further discussions on the intersection of creativity and technology across a wide variety of industry areas include, Guy Abrahams, Global Strategic Planning Director, Zenith Optimedia; Ije Nwokorie, Global Chief Executive Officer, Wolff Olins; Alex Brunori, Regional Executive Creative Director, Publicis and Chuck Phillips, Chief Technology Officer, Digitaria.

Taking place between the 8–11 March, the Festival provides a platform for the latest ideas and insights in creative communications. Additional information on the Festival and the Dubai Lynx Awards can be found at