Sharjah Light Festival 2015


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The lights are back in town, and this time, they’re more spectacular than ever. The 5th edition of the 9-day Sharjah Light Festival, organized by the Sharjah Tourism Authority, started off its much-awaited celebrations on Feb 5th , ending on Feb 13th. The emirate of Sharjah has been honored the title of Arab Tourism Capital for the year 2015 – so this event was a celebration and a display of Sharjah’s budding art scene.

The 14 locations highlight the historical and cultural heritage of Sharjah with an Islamic blend. In addition to the prominent locations of AL Majaz Waterfront, Qasba, Masjid Al Noor, this year’s lights and colours are also displayed at the Al Majaz Amphitheater, the Cultural Square, Masjid Al Muhajerin in Dibba,, University of Sharjah campus of Khor Fakkan and Masjid Ammar Bin Yasser in Al Dhaid!

The light festival is absolutely every photographer’s favourite time of the year, with an illuminated sky, mesmerising colors and truly hypnotic patterns. Take a look at these pictures by photographer Sameed Khalid:

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