Whoever You Are, We’ve Got The Perfect Date Idea For You

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Weekend is around the corner, and for those of you still haven’t mapped out your evenings and are looking to go on a date, we want to make your last-minute decisions easier. Are you still just getting to know each other? Would you prefer a fancy night out or a casual activity date?

The point of this guide is to help you plan this day right based on the type of person you are and kind of person you are with.

Disclaimer: For all the single people out there, you can probably do each of these with your close friends too and it’ll be just as fun!

Take a look at these unique date ideas [and pick one]:

If you’re still getting to know each other..

date idea
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If you’ve been dating a few weeks or you recently got [arrange] married, you are yet to know what type of day out your partner prefers. You need an evening of intimate, yet casual conversation, [which means both of you need to make a pact and stack your phones in the middle of the table] so you can plan dates according to their favorites for all the years to come:

  • A quiet dining spot to play 20 questions: Plan a private dinner at a place that has mood lighting, light music and an ambience conducive to bonding. It could be a restaurant, but make sure you reserve the corner table by the window where there’s peace and quiet. Pay 20 questions and get to know what their likes and dislikes are.Additional tip: Observe your partner [not in a creepy monitoring way, put in a gentle attentive way]. Pay attention to how they behave in public, how they tip, how do they eat, what they order and how they excuse themselves – it will tell you a lot about the kind of person they are and how comfortable they feel [hence you know when to crack a lame joke].
  • Get on the road: We’re not talking long drive here – we’re talking road trip! It’s not a vacation, so it doesn’t put the serious tag on your relationship and it’s the perfect way to spend quality time with someone. You can have long conversations and even enjoy the silence. You’ll find out a lot about your partner by looking at their choice of music [you know when to run] and if you pick a scenic route, it’ll make the day a memorable one.
  • Take them to a fair: Women love shopping, especially at the fairs! Take your lady/man on a date to a fair and let them explore. You can have conversations and you can observe their taste [and how well she can manage their finances]. Ladies, you can observe how tolerant your man is, how helpful he is and how interested or disinterested he is in helping you pick the right things [not to fuel stereotypes, but he’ll probably be disinterested so don’t hang the bar too high].

If you love travel, adventure and outdoor activities..

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A couple of wanderers, you love travelling, hiking, adventure sports, water sports, and any other sport. If you fall under this category, we have a list of things that your adventurous partner in crime will absolutely love!

  • Light the Camp Fire: February still counts as winter and the nights can get chilly! Take your partner for a cozy camping trip overnight in the mountains or desert [whichever you prefer]. You can spend all day traveling and explore all the cool cafes on the way and ick out antique gifts at the roadside markets. Building a camp fire, setting up a tent and dancing on the sand are all recommended. You can spend quality alone time with your partner or plan a trip with other couples – Whatever you choose, cuddling under the starry sky on a chilly night with a special someone? Yeah, you’ll never forget that.
  • Splash a little love: Spend your day sprinting from one ride to another at a waterpark. There’s something innocent and adventurous about waterparks that will get the adrenaline pumping [Plus, you see them in a bathing suit. – Huh? Who said that?]. And, the meal after the workout? That will be the most satisfying experience ever.
  • A day at the beach: You could spend your day on the beach with a picnic and a swim. Laze, reminisce, take a long walk, collect some shells and make a sand castle and surprise them with a candlelit dinner by the beach or a barbecue (although it requires a lot of planning, it’s a great way to spend time). Let the meat roast and toast, while you enjoy the breeze and watch the sunset. It’s the perfect way to spend a winter evening with someone in a relaxed, natural setting.

If you love to be fancy..

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Mr. and Mrs. Fancypants, you know who you are. High heels, chic dress and a suit and tie; you’ve got an idea of perfection and Valentine’s Day means perfection and style.

We don’t really need to give you a list of places you can take your lady to dinner for; Zomato will probably be your best guide. However, we do have a list of things you could do before, for or during dinner.

  • Before dinner: Make sure you have a bouquet of red roses ready for your lady when you pick her up. Most women love flowers, even if they say, “you didn’t have to”, you must! You could get her chocolates but if she’s watching her weight, get dark chocolate [It’s the little things, gentlemen]. Bonus points if you get her a piece of jewelry to wear with that stunning outfit.
  • For dinner: Make sure you take her for something you know she will like. Try experimenting with your choice of restaurants, so she knows you’ve made the effort of picking a new, interesting place.
  • During dinner: Make sure you pre-order a little surprise for her dessert or main entrée. Women love small endearing gestures, no matter how old they are or how much they insist they want to keep it simple.

There are some ultra-fancy couples out there who are planning trips together. You probably don’t need out advice; if she’s ready to travel with you, you should be giving us the tips!

If you love to laugh and entertain..

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You solemnly swear you’re up to no good, love pranks, comedy shows and let’s face it, you keep every party going [High-five each other].

We have a list of ways you could spend your evening with laughter [and a touch of childish fun]:

  • Charlie Chaplin at home: A laid back evening in with your partner with a collection of some of your favorite classics and some fantastic take-away says ‘I love you and I want to spend a long time laughing with you’. Bonus: You get to skip the traffic!
  • Pranksters gonna prank: If you are a couple that loves to pull jokes on one another, this would require a few days of planning. Pranking your partner, recording their reaction and having a laugh over it – Priceless videos! Most pranks are to attain horrible reactions, maybe a Valentine’s Day prank with a happy twist?
  • Performing the perfect comic evening: Take him/her to a performance i.e. circus, dance , play etc. There are a number of shows constantly running in #MyDubai, with new troops and young folk expressing their unbelievable talent.If you’re attending a party or have a large group of friends, you could probably prank the other couples, and have a good laugh!

If you love music..

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If you happen to have the same albums, zone out to the same tracks, constantly exchange playlists or have long conversations about that one song with profound lyrics, here are the perfect ideas for you:

  • Hit a Karaoke bar: A lot of lounges have karaoke nights quite often in Dubai. Book a booth and go crazy. Sing and dance your heart out with your loved one – maybe perform a duet, dare each other to sappy love songs, or sing favorites for each other.
  • Live bands: Find a restaurant with a live band and take your lady out for a nice musical night with candlelight dinner. Maybe you could even take her for a spin on the dance floor!

Well, I hope we’ve made the job a tad bit easier for those of you who are utterly confused. If you can’t decide what sort of couple you are, just pick one at random and be your charming self.

Remember that the night is about just the two of you, so leave work and other worries at home [preferably your phones too] and we guarantee an evening you’ll always remember fondly. Good luck!