Valentine’s Day: Do You Have More Than One Love?

valentine's day

Hiira Hyder Relationships

Ever since I can remember I have been celebrating Valentine’s Day. However, my 14th of February did not revolve around a ‘special someone’ or a ‘Prince Charming’. I’m sure that the ‘rational’ beings reading this may be dismissing my ideas, rolling their eyes and shaking their heads thinking, “What a naive romantic!”. Over the years, I have repeatedly heard my family and friends state that I am far from reality with my head up in the clouds to be carrying on the celebration of a holiday that is now closely associated with commercial gain and fleeting infatuation. So today, I’d like to pen down exactly why I celebrate Valentine’s Day with such fervour!

True Love is not expressed through lavish presents or sugar-coated conversations. Pure Love is expressed when a Father would give up a great parking spot to go back to the grocery because his child just texted him to get cookies. Unconditional Love is a Mother brewing fresh coffee at intervals during the night while her child studies for an exam, even though she has work early in the morning. Honest Love is when sisters trust one another enough to be their most vulnerable selves. Caring Love is a brother rushing protectively to his sister’s side in a rowdy crowd. Faithful Love is when a best friend sets aside their own problems just so a shoulder can be lent to cry on. Fearless Love is opening up your heart despite the uncertainty of the future.

So, this Valentine’s Day show those who have Loved you boundlessly that you care. Some people argue asking in vain: Why only one day to express love? Just as I do, take this day every year as a reminder to express your affection to the ones you Love. Like your Birthday has its own charm, so does Valentine’s Day. Western tradition or not, Love is an emotion felt by every person of any culture, race and religion; so any day dedicated to Love –count me in. If February 14th does not bring a romantic date your way, don’t fret! Celebrate all the other kinds of Love you are blessed with and spread the spirit of Love; dress your best in Red, buy those roses for who you know truly deserves it, pass out those warm teddy-bear hugs and while you’re at it, treat yourself to those pink-frosted heart-shaped cookies for being the Valentine of those who thought their day would be absent of any expression of that lilting emotion called Love.

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