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5 Of The Most Romantic Paintings In The World


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Romance. It is depicted not just in grand notions or dramatic acts of love, it can even be the simplest of gestures. Acts in pursuit of romance can come from a bed of roses, a song or serenade to a simple glance.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, all sorts of content regarding romance, love and all the cliche red themed things are shared. In keeping with our style, we had to reveal what we think are definitely contenders for the most romantic paintings in the world. They shall express the heart of romance seen not only in the interaction between subjects, but also through the artists style, stroke and choice of color that add to the aura of romance and pluck the hearts of many.

5. Romeo and Juliet by Sir Frank Bernard Dicksee, 1884

What screams “romance” more than the story of the star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet? This painting is an oil representation of the lovers’ wedding night. It is supposed to be a new beginning for them, however, little did they know, that it would be the last time they’d see each other alive.

It is also described to have perfectly portrayed when Romeo said, “Farewell, farewell! one kiss and I’ll descend.”


4. Dance me to the end of Love by Jack Vettriano, 1998

The play of the colors and composition oozes drama. It can be associated with the melody and rhythm to which the couple moves – the movement being anticipated still. It evokes a sense of being lost in time and of being eternal.


3. Springtime by Pierre-Auguste Cot, 1873

This painting is a glimpse into a new relationship of young love that is yet to bloom. Notice their locked eyes and her shy gaze.”

“Springtime is arguably the single greatest image of young romantic love ever conceived, poignantly touching the hearts of millions over the last 125 years, “, Fred Ross.


2. Love is in the air by Josephine Wall, 1978

Surrealism artist Josephine Wall shows how love can transcend reality. Surrealism and romance meet as they share the same ideals in fantasy and take dramatic risks to venture.

“Dancing in the moonlight the lovers are transported to a world of their own. The moon becomes a glittering mirror-ball scattering rainbow stars to light up their cloudy ballroom. When love is in the air all things are possible!”



1. Misty Mood by Leonid Afremov

Here the landscape plays a vital role in the atmosphere of the painting. The scenery evokes a sense of comfort and a touch of magic as the couple basks in the ambience of the mesmerizing street – the glimmer of the lights and vivid colors as seen through the eyes of two dizzy-in-love people.