How Do You Deal With Traffic Stress?


Bhoomika Ghaghada Society

It’s not just about annoying honks and cutting queues – Research shows that our mental health is affected by minor everyday stressful experiences. As the DailyMail reports, “[U]sing data from two national surveys, researchers found negative responses to daily stresses such as arguments with a partner, conflicts at work, standing in long queues or sitting in traffic led to psychological distress or anxiety and mood disorders ten years later.” Not convinced?

This study suggests that people who encounter more traffic show higher depressive symptoms. This one tells us that it affects relationships negatively [40% more likely to divorce if the partner commutes for more than 45 minutes a day].

So, the stress you experience in everyday traffic really is hazardous to your health. Many cope by singing out loud, talking to friends over the phone and using the time productively to make decisions and plan the day out. What do you do?

We thought a discussion is long overdue, so we can share ideas to keep from honking and flashing at each other on the roads. B-Change wants to know: What’s your method of coping?

Tag a friend in your comment below – maybe they can learn a few new ways to not pull their hair out while driving or give us new ways to do the same.

So, tell us: How you deal with the stress of traffic?