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B-Change WOF: The Intuitive Artist Anjana Pisharody

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She found her voice in art.

This week, B-Change Watch Out For caught up with Anjana Pisharody. An artist whose paintings speak volumes about her. A quiet albeit friendly woman, she has always been drawn to fine arts. During childhood,  doodles and strokes weren’t simply a hobby, but a space where she expressed herself with freedom and fearlessness. Ever since then, she has remained true to her creative spirit; having done her Bachelors in Psychology at the Middlesex University in Dubai, Anjana is now studying art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

emerging artists dubai
Awakening, 2014.
Acrylic on canvas,

With her academic background in Psychology and colorful dreams feeding into her art work, Anjana has gone from illustrations and landscapes to abstraction. Her work in each medium seems to reflect a different aspect of her personality with well thought-out concepts at the base of every execution [as you can clearly see above]. She thoroughly enjoys pushing her inner boundaries, always discovering a novel subject to meditate on with acrylic or ink.

emerging artists dubai
Throne, 2014.
Black pen on matte paper.

A lot of her earnings from art go to charitable causes. She says “The experience of being able to sell some of my work and donate the proceeds to charity was absolutely gratifying. The “Aim for Seva” charity was one such charity I was able to aid. This charity helps with rehabilitating and educating homeless children in India.”

Take a look at some of her other work in the slideshow:

[slideshow_deploy id=’2014′]

B-Change says:

She’s definitely one to watch, with your neck craned up.

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