Dubai International Kite Fest 2015: Be There With Your Flying Square!

Dubai International Kite Festival

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Not a sign of rain [unless you’re reading this on January 19th, it’s pouring] and yet the sky is brimming with more than the colours of the rainbow. Fascinating movements, trance-worthy designs and an action-packed day of fun awaits you at the Dubai International Kite Festival 2015. The three- day DSF  kite fest  from 29 – 31 January 2015, will be held at the beach  in Jumeirah 3 [behind Sunset Mall] featuring some of the world’s finest kite flying teams from 25 countries , governed and approved by the International Kite Flying Association (USA).

All you have to do is raise your head and enjoy the magnificent aerial show as international kite flying teams perform synchronized Kite flying, sports Kite flying, Kite surfing, Kite buggying, Kite boarding, fly boarding wake boarding and night Kite flying with illumination. Put that together with face painting, a kite-making workshop, balloon benders, portrait artists, spot photography, food courts, music and dance performances and you’ve got a perfect family day out.

As with everything in Dubai, there’s a Guinness World Record involved – with 15,000 participants flying kites simultaneously from more than 15 locations across the city. So, come, make your mark in history, kite-flying enthusiasts.

Sourced from Dubai Calendar Events. For more information, visit the Dubai International Kite Festival website.

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