Hello, Dreamer! It’s Nice to Meet You


Tasnim Hasan Career ,,,,,,,,

Allow me to introduce myself to you: I am a dream – an unconventional career. I am the choice you decided to forego. I am the naive ambition you wanted to pursue, but never did. Parents avoid discussing me and friends look down on me.

Have you ever thought about how different the world would be if you picked me? I am not an engineer, a doctor, or a corporate worker. I am an auctioneer, a motivational humorist, a comic book artist. I am alone because I am different. I am alone because people think I don’t earn a decent salary. But as your dream, let me tell you a secret: that salary won’t buy you happiness. That salary won’t change the way you feel about your job. If you’re working solely for a salary, it may be all you get. If you chase me, you may have pennies, but your heart will be full.

Satisfaction, day-to-day joy and peace of mind – these are the rewards you’ll receive if you pursue me. Chase after me; I guarantee you it will be a wonderful journey. A journey worth sharing with family and friends. I know your family is concerned about your decision, but cast fear aside, for if you are content, so will they be. It may be a bit later, but eventually they’ll see.

I know you bury me deep down – conceal me in notebooks and daydreams. You pursue the conventional just to make your peers happy. Hidden in the corners of your mind, you have a lurking suspicion that the path you’re treading isn’t right.  My advice is.. stray away, come to me. Don’t worry and just have faith in me. I may be different, but I will be worth the leap.

I may be difficult, but I will always be yours. Your choice, your love, your leap of faith.

In the end, I shall leave you with this quote from The Lazy Person’s Guide to Success: “Trust not what inspires other members of society to choose a career. Trust what inspires you.”