What’s New in Science This Week?


Nasir Khalid B-Theories

Here’s what’s new in Science this week:

  1.  Two new mysterious holes found in Siberia

Similar to the story 2 weeks ago, of a giant crater being discovered in Northern Siberia, this week, scientists have discovered 2 new holes, which are smaller, but very similar to the first one.



  1. Possible blood test for cancer could be on the way

Scientists at the University of Bradford have designed a method to diagnose the presence of cancer cells in humans. The method checks damage to White Blood cells under different intensities of UV light and the results show clear differences between people with cancer, people who have symptoms of pre-cancer and people who are cancer-free.



  1. IBM creates new brain-like microchip

The new chip has 1 million neurons and 256 million artificial synapses, the chip also uses less energy than most conventional microchips and has the capability to be used in Artificial intelligence.



  1. Dinosaur discovered with BOTH feathers and scales

Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus is the name of this dinosaur (these names are getting out of hand) and it was a meter long plant eater and it seems to be more of a mini T-Rex rather than a ferocious looking dinosaur.