Stirring the Soul: Musician Loy Pinheiro

Stirring the Soul: B-Change talks to musician Loy Pinheiro

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We caught up with Loy Pinheiro, a spirited musician based in Dubai, with soul through and through. The man spends hours in the studio after work making music, always finding time for a bit of strumming. Producing heartfelt melodies, Loy says he wants to play for people, not for pay.
Disclaimer: His lilting voice will have you swooning in no less than a minute [Take my word for it- You can spend an entire afternoon lazily listening to his covers].

Regarding this track, Loy says:

“The reason ‘A team’ is my favourite cover track is the circumstances under which the song was written – Sheeran wrote it after visiting a homeless shelter and getting an insight into the kind of lives that some of them had been living. What really made the song resonate with me is how deceiving the bright musical melody is, which he uses to mask the dark subject he’s singing about. Most people think that it’s a love song, but he’s actually singing about a girl who throws her life away by getting into prostitution and drugs.

Everytime I play the song it reminds me how easily an addiction to anything – cigarettes/alcohol/drugs – can take its toll on you and how so many people around the world are fighting it, even if we don’t see it happening right in front of us. In fact, the song delivers its strongest impact in the last line, ‘for angels to die’, because it makes us think about how many people lose that battle every day.”

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