The 7 Best Covers of 2013

The 7 Best Covers of 2013

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Don’t we all love it when our favourite musicians cover songs that vary from classics to popular music that is big at the moment.

Cover versions bring out a distinct style to popular songs and also largely assist musicians to input their creativity as they can perform [or cover] songs by their favorite musicians and so on.

Keeping that in mind, let’s jump right into ‘The 7 Best Covers of 2013’.

#7Royals – Pentatonix (Lorde)

Who doesn’t love a bit of A cappella? While Pentatonix are quite famous on YouTube for their extensive use of A cappella, they reach new heights with this well-crafted and detailed cover.

#6 – Impossible – RUNAGROUND (James Arthur)

Well, well, well…The classic ‘cover of a cover’. Originally by Shontelle, James Arthur released a cover version shortly after winning The X Factor. Although heavily inspired by James Arthur’s version, RUNAGROUND has his original moments and his good vocals make up for his terrible hairdo.

#5 – Livin’ On A Prayer – Alex Goot (Bon Jovi)

‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ is a prime example of music in the 80’s and Alex Goot’s version does a good job by retaining that 80’s sound from Bon Jovi’s classic. The instrumentation by Alex Goot in this cover seals the 5th spot in this list.

#4 – Stay – Christina Grimmie (Rihanna)

Better than Rihanna, anyone?

#3 – Hold On, We’re Going Home – Arctic Monkeys (Drake)

Only the Arctic Monkeys can make a Drake song sound good. At BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, they put up the right combination of their authentic sound and original sound of Drake’s version. It is also a delight watching Alex Turner pull off his embarrassing dance moves whilst performing.

#2 – Slide Away – Jake Bugg (Oasis)

Another one from BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, this is a subtle take on an Oasis classic. Completely different from the original, Jake Bugg’s vocals and fingerpicking style gives this a very folksy, very Dylanesque feel.

#1 – Call Me the Breeze – John Mayer (JJ Cale)

Few covers in the history of music can be considered better than the original. Recorded by JJ Cale back in 1970, ‘Call Me the Breeze’ has been covered by several blues artists, most recently John Mayer and is featured in his sixth studio album ‘Paradise Valley’.

While maintaining its roots, this cover has John Mayer written all over it and it’s safe to say JJ Cale himself would’ve been proud.

Tell us what your favourite covers are in the comments below.