Launched in the summer of 2014 as a digital UAE magazine catering to Gen Y & Millenials, B-Change provides valuable content to audiences regionally.

We’re storytellers, moving beyond small talk. We’re here to bring our audiences unique, local and relevant stories about remarkable people, hide-away eateries, local talent, novel fashion ideas, sustainable living, indie art, sports and social issues.

We want to amuse while enlightening. In a world of content saturation, we put quality over quantity.

We use strong editorial voices to deliver local and age-relevant stories.

A mix of gonzo journalism, videography, photojournalistic content, original art, innovative design, advertorials, street-style editorial content and even live streaming will be the make-up in the future.

We’re here because we need to talk to you.

We Need To Talk.

There’s something here that you haven’t seen or felt in a while. Maybe it’s warmth, maybe it’s a thoughtful line, maybe it’s meaningful content.

Meet the B-Changers

Say hello to the diligent & driven [and evidently, humble] story-tellers and word-smiths, who can swing seamlessly from a weighty conversation about ‘how to react when someone says they’re dealing with depression’ to chatting about their favourite reptiles in seconds.

Bhoomika Ghaghada
Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Tarun Shyam

Sushmita Pathak
Deputy Editor

Sherouk Zakaria
Lifestyle Editor

Cindy Wade Reframe
Lifestyle Features Editor

Richa K.
Lifestyle Sub-Editor

Karan Naik
Adapt Sub-Editor

Mariam Abu Bakr
Events Coordinator

Be Featured on B-Change

A champion of the ambitious, if you’re an emerging artist, musician, inventor or charity, we’ll be happy to feature you on our page.

On the indie side, we like to give our readers entertainment alternatives to well-known spots: Interesting plays to attend, art exhibits, unknown restaurants with really good food and new ways to explore the city.

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